Downtown Revitalization Plan

Epicenter is writing a plan and has created a planning committee made up of Green River residents to identify the community’s unique qualities and to focus on opportunities for the future of downtown. Building on previous planning efforts like the 2014 General Plan and branding surveys, the plan will identify strategies that highlight Green River’s special character and mobilize its citizens. Downtown is where things happen: it’s where businesses prosper, where you get to know your neighbors, where you meet your friends, and where you have the opportunity to contribute to the economy and community. It’s where public life is made. Though remnants of a more prosperous past still populate Green River’s downtown, we have great cause to be optimistic about its future. Green River is a special place. We have many assets to build on – from historic buildings to a rural landscape to all of the basic services and amenities our residents need right here to the many and varied talents of our residents. Recent community efforts, like the formation of the trails and beautification committees and investment in town branding show that our community is getting stronger, smarter, and starting to recognize its own power.

The completed document will include a map of Green River’s cultural assets, documentation of community discussions and input, visualizations of what Main Street and Broadway could look like, and recommendations for how Green River can strengthen the economic, cultural, and infrastructural qualities of downtown.

This effort has involved surveys, large community meetings, conversations with partner organizations, and focus group discussions all geared towards improving this community we love. By encouraging a broad range of local residents, this effort will build upon the community’s positive attributes and create a more diverse and dynamic downtown economy to benefit the community. The plan’s recommended actions will hopefully improve streetscapes, decrease the number of dilapidated buildings, provide support for entrepreneurs, build bridges among a changing population, keep youth involved in the community, and inspire citizens to take action.