The Epicenter Building

Built around the turn of the century, this historic building was renovated in 2010 for under $70,000 by Epicenter’s co-founders, Jack Forinash, Maria Sykes, and Rand Pinson. The building sat vacant for a decade, but was previously a billiard room, general store, bar, and potato chip storage facility. The renovation was made possible through a Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, private foundations, and private donations. Over one-hundred volunteers, mostly AmeriCorps VISTAs and NCCCs, worked on the renovation which included major foundation and footing repairs, a new roof and ceiling, structural reinforcement in the walls, roof, and floor, new front and rear facades, hand-painted signage, and the addition of an accessible bathroom. The building now acts as the Epicenter headquarters, a studio of sorts, housing all of our programs, staff, Frontier Fellows, office space, basement workshop, and all the tools you need to build a house.