Multi-family Housing

Epicenter’s 2012 Housing Survey identified a severe lack of rental housing in Green River. Just twelve (12) apartments exist in Green River (accounting for 2.5% of the housing stock); all current apartments are two bedroom, one bathroom, with stairs leading into them. All were built in the 1970s and are beginning to suffer from age. Epicenter has been working with the Rural Community Assistance Corporation, the City of Green River, and the state’s housing fund to develop a plan to construct eight-to-twelve new multi-family housing units. These units will add new options for residents looking to rent that currently do not exist. These units will replace dilapidated trailers which comprise a staggering 28% of Green River’s housing stock (compared to 6% nationally) (Source: Green River Mobile Home Survey, January 2016, Epicenter). Multi-family housing development will be a new venture for Epicenter, expanding our role in the community into being a housing provider.

From our research and conversations with our multi-family housing partners, we are not aware of a project of this scale in as rural a place as Green River. Yet we welcome the challenge to pull together atypical partners and funding sources, just as we do every day for our programs and projects. We know multi-family housing options are needed, have documented their need, and believe we must work tirelessly to eliminate substandard housing from Green River.

For more information on the myriad of economic and quality of life issues in trailer parks, we recommend this opinion piece from the New York Times: