Art, Music, and Film Festivals

In addition to hosting over 50 individual artists since 2009, Epicenter has held three major art, music, and film festivals in and around Green River: Project Green River, Rock & Rocks, and the Ballers’ Ball.

Project Green River (June 4-6, 2010) was the first event of its kind in Green River. The event revolved around one massive stage on the south end of Broadway flanked by the to-be-renovated Epicenter building and a full carnival. Inside the building were installations and artworks from Luke Haynes, Charlotte XC Sullivan, Marlon Blackwell, and Maria Sykes. On stage, Epicenter hosted XX acts including Holy Water Buffalo, Junior Richards, Heavy Drags, Broken Spells, Dinosaur the Musical, Dem Bones, Audrey Ebbs, and Rick Boretti. Films were screened on the side of the old Midland Garage, and submissions came from as far as Beijing, China.

The Ballers’ Ball took place in August of 2010 at the Jenkstar Ranch and was purely a rock ‘n roll music festival celebrating regional talent. The stage, a work of art in itself, was open barrel-vaulted metal hall complete with solar-powered “flying-saucer” DJ booth. This event was a partnership between Epicenter and the Solar Saucer Cosmonauts (aka the Jenkstars).

Rock & Rocks (aka Project Green River 2.0) took place one year later and was crowd-funded through Kickstarter with $7,460 raised through 80 backers. This year, Epicenter timed the event to coincide with the annual Melon Days festival, an over-one-hundred-year Green River tradition. Many musical acts were hosted in the newly-renovated Epicenter and on the massive main stage including Bad Weather California, The Howitzers, Heavy Drags, Broken Spells, S.L.F.M., Magpie, Public Dims, and more. This year, the renovation of Epicenter was complete and inside the facility we proudly displayed artworks by Michael Goe, Blair Stapp, Kristina King, and more.

Epicenter planned these events from start to finish including but not limited to: fundraising, venue selection, recruiting musical acts and other artists, recruiting/hiring the sound/stage crew, and the overall promotion/marketing of the event. Epicenter designed all merchandise for the events including posters, shirts, stickers, programs, and the website. With the help of dedicated volunteers, Epicenter manned the events including stage set-up, organizing live acts, and screening short films.

The events’ website are long defunct, but you can see some old social media buzz here.