Green River Trails System

The Green River Trail System will connect residents and visitors to natural, historic and modern landmarks, provide recreation areas, promote health awareness, and establish the first water trail in Utah. Green River generates a majority of its income from visitors, and ideas of adding additional non-motorized trails are often discussed and promoted by local business owners. New trails in Green River benefit the local population, improve their quality of life and support economic development of Green River. With disregard to age, race, income level and social status, non-motorized trails in Green River engages and connects the diverse population found within the city.

In January 2015, Green River City Council adopted the Green River Trails Opportunity Plan into the city’s General Plan. The Trails Opportunity Plan was drafted over the course of twelve months in partnership with the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program. One of the components in that opportunity plan directs the city in developing non-motorized trails in nearby areas around Green River where recreation assets are underutilized and where types of use can be expanded.

Trails currently under development include the Monument Hill trail network and Tusher Canyon and Tusher Mesa mountain bike trails.

Other potential trails addressed in the Trails Opportunity Plan include:
Town Trails/History Walk
“The New Nine” Development
Blue Castle Cove Open Area
Green River Water Trail
Hastings Road
Canal Trail
Airport Road
Crystal Geyser Trail