Summer Summit


This year, we invited all of our past Frontier Fellows, volunteers, staff, supporters, and collaborators for a weekend conference as well as some fun in the sunny desert of Utah. With over thirty attendees, from as far as London, England, the epic weekend’s agenda consisted of live music, campfires, river rafting, horseback riding, camping along the riverbank, communal meals, Show & Tell sessions, a tour of Epicenter projects, and a (of course) few dance parties.

Summer Summit 2013 Attendees: Adam Siefkas, Aimée O’Carroll, Ali Osborn, Armando Rios, Ashley Ross, Chris Lezama, Christian Ayala, Dan Teed, Dijana Alickovic, Dustin Hamman, Dustin Willis, Emily Howe, Erica Dixon, Jack Forinash, Jeremy Hobbs, Justin Queen, Kelly Gregory, Kyle Durrie, Maria Sykes, Matt Voegtle, Megan Deal, Miles Mattison, Nick Zdon, Sarah Baugh, Steph Crabtree, Taylor Massey, Trevor Adams, Wes Funes, Zach Bulick, Zach Nichols



Epicenter was honored to host our second Summer Summit in October of 2016. We invited both alumni and new friends to attend this weekend-long gathering. With 39 attendees from as far as Melbourne, Australia, the weekend’s agenda consisted of bonfires, canyoneering, mountain biking, communal meals, panel discussions, workshops, beach time, live music, sunset club, kickball, and (of course) Area Fifty Fun, an extraterrestrial dance party. Panel discussions focused on citizenship, place, and social practice and workshops included cleanups around town, making cocktail muddlers and cocktails, working on the Frontier House, and making pennant flags.

Summer Summit 2016 Attendees: Dijana Alickovic, Adam Bateman, Ryan Baxter, Nara Bopp-Williams, Bryan Brooks, Dasha Bulatova, Erin Carraher, Steph Crabtree, Adrienne Decker, Jack Forinash, Wes Funes, Kelly Gregory, Luke Gullickson, Christopher Hagedorn, Jarod Hamm, Katie Hargrave, Christopher Henderson, Emily Howe, Brett Hunter, Jennifer Joy Jameson, Ashley Jardin, Eric Jardin, Brett Jones, Kelsey Jones, Russell Kerr, Spence Kroll, Chris Lezama, Sarah Lillegard, Rob Loucks, Taylor Massey, Aimee O’Carroll, Gwen Peck, Ashley Ross, Mary Rothlisberger, Bevin Savage-Yamazaki, Maria Sykes, Aurora Tang, Alicia Toldi, and Jesse Walker.