The Frontier House

Epicenter is underway on a new design/build project: The Frontier House. Epicenter will design/build a 650 SF house, the city’s minimum home size allowance. The Frontier House will be a model of affordable, durable, and efficient housing costing $36,000 ($55/SF), not including land and fees. This house will act as a teaching tool within our community both during as well as after construction. Epicenter will maintain ownership of the house to allow future showcasing of the work while also using it to host our interns, volunteer groups, and Frontier Fellows.

The Frontier House is a prototype of affordable, stick-built housing for rural Utah. It will be a reproducible model, teaching best practices for efficient construction. During construction, community members, hardware store employees, and local contractors will be invited to on-site trainings and workshops to exhibit best practices on weatherization, protect against water infiltration, and utilize durable materials that are best-suited for the climate. After completion, the house will be monitored for three years, tracking utility expenses, material durability, and use. The house will maintain in Epicenter’s ownership, used as housing for our artists-in-residence, interns, and volunteers. In this way, Epicenter will keep the house as a tourable unit and a continual learning tool for visitors and community members. The full construction document, including plans and specifications, will be publicly released and promoted as a trailer replacement strategy. Get more details here.

Epicenter wholeheartedly thanks American Express for their support of this project.

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