Town Beautification

Made up of motivated locals and town officials, and facilitated by Epicenter staff, the Green River Improvement Team (GRIT) aims to beautify the community and build community spirit with as much vigor as the group’s name implies. GRIT has prioritized projects that create a more inviting Main Street, improve the appearance of derelict properties, and bring community members together to improve this place we call home. Project highlights include installing benches and decorative planters on Green River’s Main Street, refurbishing the locally-crafted and hand-painted “Welcome to Green River” sign, and facilitating volunteer cleanups like Brooms on Broadway that brought 33 community members together to contribute 120 hours towards cleaning up Green River’s historic Broadway. So far, GRIT’s 82 unique volunteers have donated 502 hours to improve Green River.

City of Green River, Green River Fire Department, the CHEER Coalition, Green River High School, Positive Action Community Team, Outward Bound, and local volunteers.

Support comes from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation.