Windows on Broadway

To continue the Broadway revitalization efforts begun with the renovation of our building, Epicenter facilitated the installation of window displays in vacant storefronts on Broadway in 2013-14. Creative and informational window displays injected character into downtown and increased the social, artistic, and economic vitality of the Main and Broadway intersection. The displays brought positive attention to Green River’s business corridor, created momentum for the larger Green River beautification and downtown revitalization efforts, and elevated community spirit. The idea of revitalizing an entire street is a daunting task, but you have to start somewhere. Even something small like artistic window displays in vacant storefronts can make a difference.

Epicenter utilized the window spaces of the refurbished building across from Ray’s Tavern and the historic abandoned Arbon Cafe next to Ray’s Tavern. In these windows, we displayed works of art, historical photos, information about local tourist destinations and environment, and other pieces that highlight the Green River community and its history.

Displays rotated on a one to three month cycle and were installed and created by Epicenter’s Frontier Fellows, town citizens, high school interns, and other interested individuals.

This project was supported by furniture designer Spence Kroll and The Utah Division of Arts & Museum (Random Acts of Art grant program).