Rural and Proud Tote Bags

Epicenter’s Rural and Proud tote bag.

A photograph of our Rural and Proud bag was recently featured on GOOD‘s website in an article, “11 Change-Making Designs That Inspire Action.” The piece specifically highlights our upcoming collaboration with Sarah Baugh and Nicole Lavelle, The Green River Magazine: “Believing ‘print can bring a town together,’ The Green River Magazine is a collaboration between ordinary townspeople looking for a place to entrust their stories. Led by Sarah Baugh and Nicole Lavelle, the magazine is seen as an evolved form of the Green River Newspaper, continuing the trend of ‘community-powered’ publications.” If you’re not familiar with The Green River Newspaper, click here to read more.

In addition to being featured on GOOD, our tote was featured online and in the printed version of Country Living Magazine. And, since 2010, we’ve sold over $3,000 worth of Rural and Proud bags!!!

It’s the perfect reusable tote for your trip to the local farmer’s market or grocer. Each bag has been proudly hand screen printed in our humble screenprinting workspace in our basement. The bags are printed using volunteer labor, so all proceeds go directly towards operating Epicenter’s programs. The bag might look small, but you’d be surprised at what we fit inside: a large wallet, an iPhone, a box of Cafe du Monde beignet mix, a can of Cafe du Monde chicory coffee, a box of confectioners sugar, the entire Nightmare on Elm Street dvd collection, a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, and a handful of cilantro… and there was still room! These totes are 100% cotton canvas, 14.5” wide, 16” tall, and weigh 6 ounces.

Buy a tote here for yourself or a friend. Contact Maria for wholesale inquiries. Please allow 3-5 working days after payment is received for shipping.

Thursday, October 17th, 2013


Sappi: Ideas That Matter

We’re honored to announce that Sappi Fine Paper North America has announced Epicenter as one of 11 grant recipients for its 14th annual Ideas that Matter program, the industry’s highly respected grant program aimed at helping designers create and implement print projects for charitable causes.

“Since 1999, Sappi’s Ideas that Matter program has awarded over $12 million worldwide in grants to designers around the globe to support their work for nonprofit programs and organizations. This year’s winning projects reflect the on-going commitment in the design community to utilize design in combination with innovative thinking to solve social problems. Grantees submitted outstanding proposals outlining their ideas, creative execution and their unique ability to instill positive social, cultural or environmental change.”

“The selected proposals were determined by an independent judging panel of leaders from the design profession. This year’s judges, all widely recognized for their forward-thinking commitment to design for social good, included Bill Drenttel, President of Winterhouse Institute based in Connecticut; Erin Huizenga, Founder of EPIC and Director of Remedy in Chicago; Jennifer Kinon, Founding Partner at Original Champions of Design/OCD based in New York City; Michael Lejeune, Creative Director at Metro in Los Angeles; Alissa Walker, freelance design writer in Los Angeles.”

“‘Each year, all of us at Sappi are inspired by the quality of the submissions, as well as the creative and compelling design solutions to a wide range of real social needs,’ said Patti Groh, Marketing & Communications Director, Sappi Fine Paper North America. ‘We are proud that Sappi’s Ideas that Matter program continues to be important platform for social change, giving designers the powerful opportunity to use their skills and expertise to support the greater good.'”

The funds will go towards creating content for and printing of The Green River Magazine (aka Green River Newspaper v. 2.0), a community-powered publication capturing the unique character of Green River, Utah, made in collaboration with local residents to create opportunities for the region. Like last year, the project will be lead by our amazing Frontier Fellows, Nicole Lavelle and Sarah Baugh.

Over the next few months, workshops will be held by our Frontier Fellows with local residents to gather content. Sarah and Nicole will return for one to two weeks in January to finalize content. We expect the magazine to be released in March, and (of course) we’ll have a big release party. You’re all invited!

Click here to see the 10 other amazing grantees.
(Quotes via Sappi Ideas That Matter blog)

Friday, September 6th, 2013