Critical Home Repair

Ramp Plan

We recently completed our first ramp design for a disabled Green River resident as part of our new Critical Home Repair Program. For this project, we measured the site, drafted the plans, and priced materials. Three schemes were developed to offer the client different options in price and function.

Through our recently awarded Bike and Build grant, we’re offering a revolving loan fund on all critical home repairs. For example, the most complete option for a ramp project comes in at $800; at 2% interest, this could be repaid in one year at just $68 a month. After the ramp is complete, the client will be able to easily enter his home without the worry of falling or tripping. Easily entering into our home is something we take for granted until someone we know begins to have difficulty with such a seemingly simple task. Our goal with Critical Home Repair Program is to help alleviate not only the physical barriers, but also the financial burden it takes to do these simple repairs, allowing people to live their lives with a sense of independence.

If someone you know needs critical home repairs such as a ramp or remodeled bathroom for accessibility, a roof that needs work, or weatherization interventions; give the Epicenter a call at 435.564.3330 and ask about the Critical Home Repair Program.