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Do you dream of open spaces, big skies, bold colors, and promising futures? Are you a lifelong learner interested in working with the people of Green River? Are you a member of a school group, club, church, or other organization looking to make a positive difference in rural Utah? Do you like getting your boots dirty? If so, we want to hear from you. Click the link below to reach out about volunteering at Epicenter.

Are you interested in learning more about business management? Finances? The arts? Economic development in a rural community? Civic-engagement? Would you like to gain skills that increase your value at church, at home, and in life? In addition to making a difference at Epicenter and Green River, our board members gain free, first-hand experience with financials, personnel management, grant writing, and more. Learn more about our board and how to apply below.

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There are currently no open positions, but Epicenter hosts seasonal employees throughout the year for a typical term of 2-3 months. All professional backgrounds are considered. Seasonal employees gain hands-on experience working within our community development programming including arts and culture, economic development, and affordable housing. To inquire, please send a letter of interest and CV or resume to work[at] or PO Box 444, Green River, UT 84525.

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In addition to our daily work with the community of Green River, Utah, Epicenter works with other communities and institutions throughout the world. We see ourselves as a model for other small, rural community development organizations, but our expertise is applicable at most scales and in many settings. In addition to what we can offer you, we value the exchange of ideas (especially rural-to-rural exchange) as we are always refining our practice. We can't wait to work with you!


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