Frontier Fellow: Emily Howe

Life With Mice (knitted mice and drawings) by Emily Howe

Today is Emily Howe’s last day as a Frontier Fellow at Epicenter, and last night was her final hurrah. In addition to an amazing potluck dinner, Emily displayed and projected her work from the past four weeks and taught an all ages bookbinding workshop. During Emily’s time in Green River, she knitted (more than we thought humanly possible), she taught two “Design Through Baking” classes at the Community Center, and she also taught two classes on bookbinding at Green River High! WOW!!! Thank you, Emily! We’re sad to lose you after what feels like such a short month.

Melons (knitted hat and drawings) by Emily Howe

“Welcome Home” (knitted banner) by Emily Howe

Emily placed her, “Welcome Home.” piece on abandoned houses in and around Green River as a sign of affection to forgotten homes.

Pamphlets by Epicenter

Again, in addition to teaching youth and teens, Emily also taught the Epicenter crew how to create bound pamphlets. We’re hooked, and we hope to create many more. We’re taking custom order requests!

Interested in coming to Green River for a month to volunteer, create art, teach youth, or other projects? Apply for the Frontier Fellowship here. The suggested deadline for 2013 is December 1, 2012.