FIF Projects #005 and #006

As the work continues, Wednesday ramped up to tackle more of yesterday’s project along with two new projects.

For project #005, the Park City Lutherans under the direction of Epicenter FIF housing staff Armando, Steph, and Dan repaired a hole created from a collapsed fireplace (caused by a flood from a major water leak) in an elderly couple’s home. Flooring repairs, new studs, and drywall installation were all on the docket.

At project #006, dirt was brought in and spread around to build up around the porch of a home in need of a permanent wheelchair ramp. Using recycled materials, the ramp formwork was put in place and is now ready for concrete.

Our Park City Lutheran volunteer group battled the heat and even received help from the client’s goat in spreading the yards of dirt by hand.

And, we continued work on yesterday’s project (#004), finishing the drywall where a heat-gaining window once was and applying a layer of primer.

Tomorrow this project, and the other three, will all complete. Four projects, one week!