Give Early Tuesday: November 15th

Rather than wait until after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re proposing that charities come first this year! It’s been a tough financial year for businesses, and nonprofits are no exception. Most non-profits, including Epicenter, have been unable to meet our fundraising goals. So, please join us in an early Giving Tuesday and help bump charitable giving to the top of everyone’s list!

Ways to give to Epicenter:

  • Buy us something on our HOLIDAY WISH LISTS.
  • Buy something from our SHOP. Many items are on sale!
  • Donate to our facility RENOVATION.
  • Send us a check: PO Box 444, Green River UT 84525.

Use #GiveEarlyTuesday on your social media posts as you share your support for Epicenter and other nonprofit organizations such as KZMU Moab, the JWP River History Museum, Granary Arts, and the Utah Cultural Alliance. Thank you!