Printmaking Workshops

Linocut Printing Workshop at Green River High School

Just in time for Valentine’s day earlier this month, we hosted linoleum printmaking workshops at Green River High School and Epicenter. Linoleum printing, also known as linocut or block printing, is a carving or “relief” method. Participants and students drew their own unique designs, carved the negative, and made prints. We held one two-night workshop open to all community members at Epicenter, as well as a two-day workshop at the high school. Mr. Simmons, Green River High’s awesome art teacher, graciously allowed Maria and Ashley to take over his class for two whole days. Thanks, Mr. Simmons! At the Epicenter workshops, we were honored to host local artist and veteran printmaker, Frank Anderson. Frank brought prints to share with the other participants, and he did some amazing things with his linoleum.

Linocut Printing Workshop at Epicenter

These workshops were some of our most successful yet. Students were able to either sharpen their printmaking skills or learn a completely new medium, and no one got hurt! Okay, so we had a couple of nicked fingers, but that is the price one must pay to become a master print-maker. Printmaking (i.e. using sharp carving tools) is a little dangerous. We would love to host more printmaking workshops, so tell us when you would like to come print with us!

These workshops were made possible through support from the United Way of Eastern Utah.