Seeking Local Partners

Here in Green River we’ve recently had far too many families unable to find housing, forcing them leave town or move into poor conditions. We’ve also been contacted by young people looking to move back to Green River, but there are no options for them. So, in an effort to reverse this trend, we are reaching out to local property owners via mail, in person, and online to offer Epicenter’s services with the ultimate goal to create more housing in Green River. We’d love to talk to anyone about their Green River property.

We believe in Green River and love it as I’m sure you do. Do you have dreams for your property? We would be honored to help make them come true. Don’t know what to do with your property? We’d love to help you pass it on to a family trying to make their life here in Green River.

Below is a list of offerings Epicenter currently offers to local property owners:

  1. Assessment: We can assess if and how your property is out of compliance with local codes or zoning, create a prioritized action plan to bring the property back into compliance, discuss the possibilities for your property, and more.
  2. Clean-up Help: If your property only requires some cosmetic work, we can assist you in cleaning-up your property. Often, we have volunteer groups that can help bring down the cost of this service!
  3. Property Rehabilitation: Regardless of if your property requires minor repairs or major work, we can assist you from beginning to end with construction, financing, and more.
  4. Property Management: If you are interested in turning your property into a rental, we have experience in tenant and property management. We’d love to discuss helping you turn your property into an income generator for you.
  5. To be determined: Maybe you have a need or an idea we haven’t addressed above. Call me and let’s talk!

Please contact us at your earliest convenience or stop by Epicenter anytime to begin the conversation. We look forward to working with you!