Social Media Changes

Epicenter’s Facebook Page

This blog is just one a few ways you can follow with what we’re doing here at Epicenter. Traditionally, we have done one blog post per day, but we’re changing things up! Instead, we’re going to utilize other popular social media platforms to share our daily efforts with you. We’ll continue to post on this blog very regularly, so don’t worry! Below are all the ways you can keep in touch with us and follow our daily efforts:

1) You can like us on Facebook to see a feed of all of our follower’s comments and suggestions, our photos, and last minute reminders for local events and meetings.
2) With your smartphone, follow us (@ruralandproud) on Instagram to see casual daily photos of goings-on at the Epicenter office and around town in Green River, Utah. You can also view our Photo Map on Instagram to see where our photos were taken!
3) Follow us on Twitter to interact with us on a daily basis and see our re-tweets from people and international organizations we believe matter.

There is a lot of cross-pollination with social media these days (e.g. a photo is posted on both Instagram and Facebook), and we’re guilty sometimes! However, a lot of the time our tweets are different from our Instagram photos, so we suggest following us on all of the platforms you utilize so you don’t miss a thing. You get the picture (pun intended).