"This Is Green River" Call for Participants

Help us tell the untold stories of our town using your personal objects and memories.

Have a look around your home or workplace. Where did all that stuff come from? Why is that picture hanging there? Where did that vase come from? Who bought this kitchen chair and why do I keep it when it’s falling apart?

Objects are bought, borrowed, stolen, lost, found, but most all, kept and treasured. Every object has a story: about the person who owned it, the place it came from, or a specific moment in time. We find it hard to throw things away because we become attached to them; sentimentality is usually stronger than logic.

We’re looking for stories about Green River, each one connected to a single object that we can borrow and exhibit at the John Wesley Powell River History Museum from June through November. Objects can be large or small. The objects can be random and strange or very common and normal: a coin dug up in the back yard as a child, grandpa’s favorite chair, an old baseball shirt, or a glass stolen from a local tavern (now closed) after a long night with friends.

How to submit your object and story:
1. Write down your story (1-2 pages typed or handwritten).
2. Photograph your object.
3. Contact Maria Sykes for further instructions (564-3330) before Friday, May 15.

Important dates for this project:
Friday, May 15, 2015: Objects/stories are due to Maria Sykes
Saturday, June 20, 2015: “This Is Green River” grand opening
Jun 20 – Nov 1: “This Is Green River” open to the public

This project is made possible through support from the Utah Division of Arts & Museums, Emery County Travel Board, United Way of Eastern Utah, Epicenter, the John Wesley Powell River History Museum, and Sincerely Interested.

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