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Emerging Frontier Fellowship: Sarah Burnett

April 5, 2019 - May 5, 2019

Sarah Burnett, Artist (Green River, UT)

Sarah Burnett is a photographer and artist. 10 years ago, Sarah found herself wandering aimlessly and was told to find a hobby. After hearing negative commentary about her hometown (Green River, Utah), she wanted others to see the beauty she saw. Sarah took up photography and started posting them on Facebook. Soon all her friends were checking her newsfeed for the next picture and asking where these landscapes and wildflowers were located and to their surprise she answered, Green River, Utah! Her favorite quote is “Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places” by Camille Pissarro. Sarah is self taught and does not have any professional training so each day is a new adventure of trial and error. In 2017, Sarah won a First place ribbon at the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake City of a photogenic lizard called “Swaseys’ Dragon”. She also has a photo mural in the Tamarisk Restaurant and sells postcards at the John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River. Sarah also likes to doodle, draw, and paint. Some of her favorite shows are cartoons. Namely Steven Universe on Cartoon Network, she watches to learn how to draw the artists drew the characters and develop her own style and characters. Sarah loves exploring by going on desert rides, listening to summer thunderstorms, and being the local paparazzi for her nieces and nephew. Sarah loves making others smile and feeling comfortable around her.

What about Green River & the Frontier Fellowship excites you most?

Meeting with other creative minds and being able to bounce ideas that maybe were not a thought if I were alone. I love showing off my hometown and things I find interesting, and I would love sharing that with someone else, to maybe help them obtain a better understanding of how the community of Green River comes together.


April 5, 2019
May 5, 2019