A fond farewell to Chris and Jack

Since it’s founding, the accomplishments of Epicenter have been impossible to attribute to any single individual. The pioneering spirit of rural pride and positive change at the heart of the organization is the sum of the efforts of all those involved in its programs and initiatives. And yet, it is with sadness and gratitude that we announce the departure of two individuals who have given so much to the organization; Jack Forinash, Epicenter co-founder and Principal of Housing; and Chris Lezama, Principal of Economic Development. Both Chris and Jack have been instrumental in helping to develop and execute programs and projects that brought positive change to the town of Green River and its residents. Significant projects include: The Downtown Revitalization Plan, The Frontier House, Fix It First, and Potluck Business Group.

We cannot thank Jack and Chris enough for the passion and enthusiasm they have committed to the organization and community of Green River over the years and look forward to the next chapter of their careers with great pride and support.

The Epicenter Board of Directors, Epicenter co-founder Maria Sykes, and the Epicenter staff dedicated to the mission of Epicenter and look forward to welcoming new contributors to the team in the coming months to better serve Green River.

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