What is a Frontiersman?
A Frontiersman is an Epicenter sponsor, an alumni, a compatriot. As a Frontiersman, you are committed to Epicenter’s future, providing regular input, praise, and critique, visiting whenever possible, and supporting Epicenter financially.

Why should I become a Frontiersman?
Perhaps you’ve brought us to this point with your much-appreciated regular support and gifts. Or maybe you’re new to Epicenter, and you’ve been looking for a unique way to support us. Here’s your opportunity.

What are the benefits?
In appreciation of your committed support, Frontiersmen will receive physical mailings every other month. Mailings may include apparel, chapbooks, zines, newspapers, film prints, Green River delicacies, music CDs, or DVDs! In addition to the physical mailer, a digital newsletter will be sent to Frontiersmen that will direct you to recent Epicenter highlights online. As a Frontiersman, you receive exclusive deals, such as pre-sale opportunities and 50% off our Etsy store. But perhaps more importantly, your subscription benefits us, providing regular communication we hope results in a better Epicenter.

Ok, I’m sold. How do I sign up?
Wonderful! You can sign up through one of these three options:
>Make a check out to “Epicenter” and mail it to: Epicenter, P.O. Box 444, Green River UT 84525.
>Stop by our office located at 180 S. Broadway in Green River, Utah with cash or a check made out to “Epicenter.”
>Use the Paypal button below.