Project Update: The Green River Trail System

The New Proposed Green River Trail System
In collaboration with the City of Green River and the National Park Service, Epicenter has begun developing a trail system in Green River. With a completed concept map, trails on the ground are still a couple years out and all current ideas will undergo countless revisions and amendments, but Epicenter is confident that a trail system would provide an invaluable amenity to the city.

The Green River Trail System will connect natural, historic, and modern landmarks, provide recreational areas for locals and tourists, and promote Green River as a destination. Trails will run through town and into the desert landscape. The town trails will be marked with pedestrian signage along designated paths, leading people past historic sites such as the old jailhouse, the “Ratio” sculpture, and the O.K. Anderson City Park. Branching off from the town trails, longer routes will be designated to promote natural attractions in collaboration with Destination Green River’s efforts to promote the Crystal Geyser, Swasey’s Beach, Black Dragon Canyon, and Fossil Point.

The creation for a trail system will provide a space for walkers, joggers, and bikers. Local residents will walk their dogs, ride their bikes, or go for a stroll. Tourists and travelers asking the frequent question, “What is there to do around here?” will be immediately rewarded with a beautiful map of trails connecting them to local sites.

Green River is an incredible place to explore and discover, but many passer-byers do not immediately see the gems hidden in this desert oasis. Informational kiosks, posted maps, and trail markers will attract the attention of the thousands of travelers who pass through Green River each year, encouraging them to stop, explore, and fall in love with the charm of this unique community.

While we acknowledge that the realization of this idea is distant, our love for Green River drives us to push for a connection between ourselves and the unique places that make Green River a destination for travelers and an inspiring place to live.