Emery County Progress: Destination Green River

Our recent efforts to promote Green River and its surroundings was recognized in the most recent Emery Country Progress!

“A new effort is being led in Green River to promote the town and the surrounding attractions by the Epicenter and a small group of business owners and managers with support from the City of Green River and the Emery County Travel Bureau. The Destination Green River website was the first step in publishing information and promoting attractions.”

“The website boasts many natural attractions, an events calendar, maps, and information on Green River’s tourism-based establishments. Interactive maps featuring GPS coordinates and drop pins include a map of all of the arches in the San Rafael Swell, a map of nearby petroglyph and pictograph sites, a map for rockhounds, and a map of mines in the San Rafael Swell.”

“In order to promote the website and provide printed resources, the group produced a series of daytrip leaflets that include Green River residents’ favorite spots to recommend to visitors passing through town: The Crystal Geyser, Black Dragon Canyon, Fossil Point, Lower Gray Canyon (Swasey’s Beach), and Sego Canyon. Each daytrip leaflet has detailed directions, suggested activities, and tips. Each also include a unique QR code that links to the Destination Green River website when scanned with a smartphone.”

“Mayor Pat Brady said, ‘I am excited about the efforts that are being done to promote Green River. This group has produced a great website and some really awesome brochures and pamphlets; indeed, Green River is not just a ‘stop over’, it’s a destination. This group has come up with some excellent ways to promote that fact and display our wonderful city.'”

“Mike McCandless said, ‘We have so many unique attractions and landmarks in our area, it would be a shame to keep knowledge of them to ourselves. These beautifully laid out brochures (working in conjunction with the Destination Green River website) let travelers know what we already know, that Emery County is the ideal place to stop, stay, eat and play.'”

(via the Emery Country Progress)