Union Pacific: 150 Years

Dan Harbeke (Director of Public Affairs for Union Pacific Pacific Railroad), Maria Sykes, Chris Lezama, and Ashley Ross

Union Pacific celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2012!!! Happy Birthday, UP!!! Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railway Act of July 1, 1862, creating the original Union Pacific. Today, Union Pacific Railroad links 23 states in the western two-thirds of the country by rail. Additionally, Union Pacific has the Union Pacific Foundation which is the philanthropic arm of Union Pacific Corporation and Union Pacific Railroad. Union Pacific believes that the quality of life in the communities in which its employees live and work is an integral part of its own success. Epicenter and Habitat for Humanity of Castle Country have both received support from the Union Pacific Foundation.

In conjunction with their 150th anniversary celebration in Ogden, Union Pacific invited Epicenter (and other Utah grant recipients) to join them for refreshments aboard their fleet of historic railroad cars. The experience made us nostalgic for days when traveling was luxurious and slow (in a good way). We were honored to spend time with the other Utah grant recipients. During the event each recipient had an opportunity to say a few words about their organizations. Hearing the good that these groups are doing warmed our hearts, and it reminded us that we’re connected to many similar efforts across the state through funders like Union Pacific. Thank you Union Pacific for your support!

Clockwise from top left: Dan Harbeke & Utah Grant Recipients, Union Pacific glass, steam engine wheels, and one of the rooms on the “Long Ranger” car.