Green River's Downtown Revitalization Plan


Waypoint: Green River was initiated by Epicenter, in partnership with the City of Green River. This document, made possible by input from local residents, outlines recommendations for appropriate reinvestment in Green River’s downtown and is envisioned as a first step in a downtown development program. As with other planning studies, it is intended to be a working document that public officials and civic groups can refer to for guidance in the redevelopment and rejuvenation of the downtown area.

The document first focuses on Green River’s past and present, taking stock of who the town is, what it has, and where it finds itself now. This is followed by an exploration of Green River’s current assets and challenges – the aspects of town that make it a special, though not always the easiest, place to live. A description of what downtown revitalization can do for the future of Green River comes next, followed by a summary of downtown’s past and the forces that shaped it. A brief narrative on the planning process steps follows this, which leads to a description of the overarching principles or “big ideas” the community’s input led to. Those principles and information gleaned from the community is then reflected in suggestions and recommendations for downtown improvement, which are separated by theme. The final, and largest part of the document, is an appendix filled with short downtown development resource guides, further documentation of the public input process, and more studies that analyze and demonstrate Green River’s built and cultural character.

Download the plan here or order a physical copy here.