Now Hiring: Executive Director


Epicenter has a unique opportunity for an exceptional leader looking to create positive change in the American West. We are seeking an Executive Director to lead and shape our alternative model of rural professional practice. To help citizens of this rural community lead better lives. To demonstrate the value of design in community problem solving.

“It can be challenging to operate as a non-profit in a small rural town,” says James Wheeler, Board of Directors, “But Epicenter has consistently devised and executed pioneering programs in its areas of focus. Those successes are ushering in a new era for the organization that includes leadership and guidance at a level we’ve not needed before. We’re incredibly excited.”

With this announcement comes a renewed commitment from the board of directors and staff to creating strategic plans for the future. This is an exciting new chapter in the growth of Epicenter. One that aims to build upon past successes and create new ways to bring positive change and rural pride to the community of Green River.

Our desert town is blooming, but there is work to be done. We have funding, community partners, and the initiative to make this town as vibrant as its backdrop. If you’re not afraid to get your boots dirty, we want to hear from you. Come join us this year.






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