Evan Rimoldi, Epicenter Summer Intern

This week we welcome Epicenter summer intern, Evan Rimoldi, who is arriving to Green River by bicycle. Evan just received his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from the Ohio State University. Outside of architecture school, Evan has shop, design/build, and roofing experience. Evan’s internship this summer will primarily focus on our Fix It First home repair program and the Green River Trail System. At 6’2″, he’s sure to be the tallest Epicenter employee this summer (FYI: Epicenter staff members are notoriously short). We can’t wait to welcome him to the team!

This week we also welcome Ellise Gallagher and Steph Crabtree to the team as interns. Ellise is a Habitat for Humanity intern hosted by Epicenter. Steph, a returning Epicenter summer intern, will split her time between Epicenter projects and Habitat endeavors. Below is a fun Q&A session between Evan and Jack Forinash (Epicenter Co-director) so you can get to know Evan a little bit. Keep an eye out for Q&As on Steph and Ellise just around the corner.

Jack: What is your age, Myers-Briggs personality, and spirit animal?
Evan: 22, INTP, and Eastern Grey Squirrel (black variety).

J: Can you drive a stick-shift?
E: My first accident was in a stick-shift.

J: Do you have siblings? If so, where are you in birth order?
E: I have two brothers and best friends, both of whom are older than I.

J: Have you ever been to Utah? Have you ever lived in a small town?
E: I have never been to Utah. The smallest town I’ve lived in was my hometown Delaware, Ohio (pop. 35,925).

J: What book, movie, or person is significant to your work/process/life? Why?
E: My great grandmother and Southern California artist Helen Dowd. I never had the good fortune to meet her, but have been surrounded by her works from a young age and continue to adore and find inspiration in each painting that I have seen.

J: If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
E: Time travel.

J: What excites you about this internship position?
E: I’m excited to be a member of the Epicenter team, working to bring positive improvements to the lives of friends and fellow community members through creative design solutions. Also, this internship offers me the opportunity to become immersed in a new state circumstances, a new way of life, and a new physical location. And the night skies, I’m actually just really excited about seeing loads of stars.

J: How does this internship fit into your big picture/career/life?
E: In being surrounded by a very smart and creative group of artists/thinkers/designers at the Epicenter, I hope to improve my own creative capacity and abilities going forward. In the future, I would like a career in landscape architecture as a designer of public spaces in an urban environment. The scale and context of Green River is quite different from my future intentions as a designer, however, I anticipate the hands on, ‘get it done’, approach at the Epicenter will help me gain an understanding of how small scale implementations improve upon the lives of individuals and the community as a whole.