Green River Workers Fund Report

Green River’s service-based businesses and their workers have been drastically impacted during the COVID-19 crisis. And it could not have come at a worse time: right after winter, when Green River sees very few visitors. Many workers are already furloughed during the winter annually, so you can imagine how this seasonal economy has been impacted when the busy season has essentially been cancelled.

In response, we started the Green River Workers Fund to catch anyone slipping through the cracks. We were able to assist all 8 households who applied with an average of $600 to pay their rent and bills, put food on the table, and more this past month. The fund is now expended, but if the economic downturn continues or worsens, Epicenter will revisit rebooting the fund as needed.

Thank you to those who helped us raise all $4,800 for the fund: Gina Abelkop, Katie Anderson, Karen Bernardes, Eros Bilyeu, Lindsey Briceno, Thomas Bolling, Bryan Brooks, Dasha Bulatova, Adriana Chimaras, Mikenna Clokey, Alison J Cole, Samuel Cox, Kristie Crabtree, Stephanie Crabtree, Hayley Crooks, Jason Dilworth, Todd Erlandson, Ryan Ford, Wesley Funes, Melissa Graveline, David Germeyer, Jarod Hamm, Margaret Hayes, Annalee Howland, Joshua Kyle, Rita Lezama, Dave & Vicki Mackay, Mary McCutchan, Dane Miller, Lauren Oertel, Celena Rodriguez, Joshua Rowley, Matt Sheridan, Matthew Soria, Sue Sternberg, Marina Suarez, Maria Sykes, Steve Sykes, Luke Viscusi, Nate Vosburg, Grace Whatley, Bill & Mary Wilmarth.