Donate Today for Exclusive Swag!

Our in-house artist Grace Whatley has created limited, exclusive swag just in time for Giving Tuesday!

Donation reward levels:
Holographic raven sticker: $30+
Swasey’s Beach patch: $50+
Bundle (both): $75+



Located 11 miles north of town, this river beach is framed by the Book Cliffs, with Gunnison Butte dramatically towering above the current. A much-needed respite from the desert heat during the day, Swasey’s Beach is truly magical after dark. There is very little light pollution outside of Green River thanks to the town’s isolated location, making for out-of-this-world stargazing under good conditions. When the moon is too full to glimpse the edges of our galaxy, the silver wash of the moonlight refracts tiny mirrors on the river and transforms the immense cliffs into a theatrical dreamscape!
Navy blue backing w/ lavender and silver thread
3″ diameter



Anyone who has spent time in the desert west will recognize the iconic raven. While sometimes thought of as an ominous presence or a scavenging pest, they also represent the idiosyncrasies of the region that draw us here. They are solitary birds; the call of a lone raven is often the only sound you’ll hear as you wander down a silent backcountry canyon, or the sole presence for miles perched on the signs of an empty highway. They are resilient and resourceful, much like the people who choose to make their homes in a place of such extremes. Like the iridescent feathers of the raven, this holographic sticker will reflect the sunlight wherever you choose to explore.
3×2.6″ – black design on holographic background


Artist Grace Whatley drew the designs by hand, carved them directly into linoleum, printed the designs in ink on paper, and then scanned them in to create the digital artwork. View more of Grace Whatley’s work here.