Meet Epicenter Intern, Megan Vollmer!

Grace Whatley: Hi Megan, and welcome to the team! Epicenter is excited to be partnering with Green River High School to have you working here with us as an intern through the school’s work-study program. Firstly, can you share a little bit about yourself? What year are you in, what are your favorite things to do, and have you always lived in Green River?

Megan Vollmer: Let’s see… I am 17 years old, and I just moved to Green River about a year and a half ago. I enjoy being outdoors, working with animals, and staying active!

GW: As someone quickly becoming a young adult, what do you think your future looks like right now? Do you have any big goals or dreams you want to accomplish?

MV: I’d love to travel more, and I’m excited to be starting at Southern Utah University in the fall!

GW: Why did you choose to do your work-study (internship) with Epicenter?

MV: I think the work Epicenter is doing is fantastic, and I really wanted to get involved!

GW: What are you most excited to learn about during your time working with us?

MV: Everything! The ins and outs of non-profit work, how new housing is developed… all of it!

GW: And finally… The most important question: do you have a favorite type of Green River melon?

MV: The red kind! Haha, I guess classic watermelon is my favorite.

It’s been nearly a decade since we had a high school intern (the last of whom is now grown up and the City Events Coordinator, Robin Hunt!), and we are excited to welcome Megan’s new perspective to the team for a few months. Megan’s internship stipend is made possible through a COVID-19 relief grant provided by American Express.