High Country News: "First impressions: an Easterner's new life in the West, in pictures"

Photos by Andrew Cullen

Our acquaintance, Andy Cullen, has a nice photo essay on the High Country News website about his recent move from the East Coast to “out West”. Andy recently visited Epicenter/Green River with Emily Guerin (HCN Intern Reporter); her story and his photos about Epicenter/Green River should be coming out in the next month’s issue of High Country News. So, we were pretty excited to see Green River featured in Andy’s recent photoessay this month! Above, the photo on the left is Emily climbing through Ding & Dang canyons, our suggestion for a “leisurely, but challenging” slot canyon near Green River. The photo on the right is of Green River’s iconic Cathedral Butte (aka Gunnison Butte) located on the Green River itself. See the all of Andy’s photos and accompanying captions on the High Country News website. Also, check out Emily Guerin’s recent blog post about Green River’s Melon Days, “Cheer Up, Melon Queen,” featuring photos by Andy Cullen.