Last Week to Get "The Majestics" Catalog

An On-site Installation, Jailhouse, Green River, Utah by Richard Saxton

This is the final week of sales for “The Majestics” Catalog. Order one here to receive a poster, music soundtrack, and map in addition to the catalog.

“The Majestics” catalog was completed as part of Richard Saxton’s Frontier Fellowship in Green River, Utah. The 26-page catalog documents the on-site installations, pictures displayed at Robber’s Roost Motel, drawings displayed in Epicenter, and the Trailside Museum at Epicenter. This project was made possible from support through the Teton Art Lab, University of Colorado, Boulder, and Epicenter. The catalog contains writing by Dr. Robert Nauman (author of several books and articles on contemporary art and architecture) as well as an introduction by Maria Sykes (Co-Director of Epicenter).

The Majestics Soundtrack (CD) by 4H-Royalty, a paper poster, and a paper map come with the purchase of the catalog.

Catalog: 8.5×5.5″; folds out to 17×5.5″; 26 pages; cardstock cover; contains one cd soundtrack
Soundtrack: screenprinted hawk; four tracks by 4H Royalty
Poster: 8.5×16.75″; plain paper; color print
Map: 11×17″; plain paper; black & white print