Get Ready for HDTS: Epicenter


Here it is! CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the event map and schedule. Print out a copy to take with you, or pick one up at Epicenter (site 5, 180 S Broadway in Green River, 435-564-3330), our HDTS: Epicenter HQ during the event.


If you’re looking for a place to stay or a route to take, here are some suggestions.
Still looking for a ride or have one to offer? Check out the HDTS: Epicenter Rideshare.
To learn more about this event, visit the main HDTS: Epicenter event page.

There are more sites than you may be able to see, so pick and choose, take your time, and obey speed limits. Do not drive drunk or when drowsy!

Many events will require driving on graded dirt roads. Consider carpooling in cars with high-clearance and 4×4. In the event of heavy rains, conditions will become much more treacherous. Creek bed washes and impassable roads may be a factor for Swasey’s Beach, Stone House, The Bunker, Wild-Horse Butte, Black Dragon Canyon, and the Mars Desert Research Station locations. Watch the weather and exercise caution.

If the road appears soft rather than packed, either avoid it or keep your vehicle moving over the soft spot at a good speed. If you do get stuck in the sand or mud, do not gun your car – that will only dig you in further. Place old carpet or car floor mats under your tires and try to back out slowly. Another trick is to let some air out of your tires. If all else fails call a tow truck: Green River Towing: (435) 820-0941 or Interstate Towing Service: (435) 564-3213.

Some sites require a short hike in–comfortable and sturdy footwear is recommended! Bring your own camp chair or blanket if you would like seating at any of the sites/performances.

Do not rely on your cell phone–cellular service can be spotty and GPS address mapping can be misleading in and around Green River. We recommend carrying a printed map or road atlas in your car.


Sun: While the desert can be cool in the fall, direct sun and low humidity can have severe effects. Bring lots of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a shade hat.

Wind: Southern Utah can get quite gusty in the fall, especially in the early afternoons. Be sure to tie-down your tent and other gear before leaving your camp.

Flash Floods: Flash floods can occur during rainstorms any time of the year. These unpredictable events can drastically change hiking conditions and can quickly become life-threatening. If a storm develops and a flash flood situation is created, get to the highest and safest point possible and steer clear of canyons.

Cryptobiotic Soil: Biological soil crust is a living groundcover that forms the foundation of high desert plant life in the surrounding area. This knobby, black crust is dominated by cyanobacteria, but also includes lichens, mosses, green algae, microfungi, and bacteria. Unfortunately, many human activities negatively affect the presence and health of soil crusts. Please walk on trails, on rock, or in sandy washes (where water flows when it rains), and keep all vehicles and bikes on designated roads.


The HDTS: Epicenter HQ will have lots of things for sale, including the new HDTS: Epicenter publication ($5), HDTS & Epicenter gear, and a Swap Meet featuring handmade goods and wares from some of our favorite artists and friends. Friday night’s Welcome Potluck at Epicenter has a suggested donation of $8/person, or bring a dish to share.

If you’re heading on the road, it’s always good to carry some emergency cash, too, just in case. Many places accept cash only! There are a few ATMs (with fees) in town, but there are no major banks and no “cash back” options in Green River.


Please help HDTS and Epicenter remain a positive force! Respect private (and public) property and the environment around you, be ready to help fellow travelers, and above all, LEAVE NO TRACE in this delicate ecology.

HDTS: Epicenter is a labor of love, and is not possible without the dedication of our artists, our awesome volunteer force, and the support of the local community. We need you to help maintain goodwill between Epicenter, HDTS, and the city of Green River, so be cool, be respectful, spend money at local businesses, and don’t hesitate to jump in and help out if you see someone who needs a hand. Green River is a small town and your presence can be a positive or a negative force. Be polite and respectful to community members as you enjoy HDTS: Epicenter.