Thank you, volunteers!

For the past two years, we’ve been honored to host volunteers from Evangelical Lutheran Churches in and around Boulder, Colorado. Two years ago, the group painted the Boys & Girls Club of Green River, and last year, the group put up a fence around the Club’s front play yard. This year we had a blast working with everyone, and are so grateful for all of their hard work and dedication. Green River always enjoys having visiting volunteers helping out in the community, but having these repeat volunteers is the best!!!

The first group hit the ground running with an adventure into Sego Canyon even before they had set their bags down. During their first day of work we broke off into two groups, one group began construction on picnic tables while the other group did some landscaping for the Boys and Girls Club. Day two was spent finishing the picnic tables, designing and painting welcome sings, pulling weeds at the apartments, and helping Armando with a Critical Home Repair project. This group was so fabulous! Dominated by young women, this group was so energetic and willing to get their hands dirty. Some volunteers had never used power tools before, but everything turned out perfectly!

The second volunteer group showed up a week later, and was much smaller, but we did some big things. The first day the group designed and built sandwich boards for the Epicenter and Boys & Girls Club of Green River. The care and craft that this group showed on the sandwich boards was carried over to our second day at the Adams’ residence. June and Bill Adams are the sweetest couple. We helped them tend to some exterior home improvements, but also got to sit and chat over lunch; they shared photos of past adventures, and we got a private magic show from the great Bill Adams! After lunch it was back to work, we did touch-up painting on the soffit, and got the yard ready for gardening season. The scenery at their home is absolutely incredible. Thank you, Bill and June, for letting us spend the day at your beautiful home nestled right up in the Book Cliffs.

We would like to give thanks to each and every volunteer who made the trip to visit us. These volunteers represent the Atonement Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, and Christ the Servant Lutheran Church. THANK YOU Pastor Chad, Pastor Paul, Bex, Kayla, Jody, Pat, Tracy, Katie, Kelly, Maddie, Emilee, Sophie, Anna, Liz, Madelyn, Dean, Sandy, Andrew and Evan!

We cannot thank you enough for all that you do every year for Green River.