Weft & Warp

Our dear friend and graphic designer colleague, Charlotte Graves, recently launched her company Weft & Warp!!! So, we wanted to do a special blog entry to tell the back story in the hopes of inspiring you, especially our local entrepreneurs and small business owners. Charlotte took a chance on a vision she’s had for sometime which has manifested itself into a collection of limited edition silk scarves inspired by a love of the land.

7 months ago, Charlotte was nearing her second year at a full time graphic design job. Unfortunately, she had become uninterested in what she was doing. Dissatisfied, and eager to make a shift, she happened upon an article in the New York Times travel section, spotlighting Oaxaca, Mexico. One image slide in particular caught her attention: a photo of brightly-colored plant based dyed yarn. Within a week she had signed up for a weaving workshop and booked a flight for one to Mexico. Needless to say she was very moved by this solo trip. She had an overwhelming sense of familiarity in a new land. The connection of the people to the land was home to her. Charlotte was inspired to make something very special, and she didn’t want to lose that opportunity. A month after her trip she put in her 2 week notice and then set away to develop and prepare Weft & Warp for her friends & family. The experience has revealed itself into designs that are derived from Zapotec skeletons she encountered at Monte Albán and her own graphic interpretation and deconstruction of traditional Mexican woven textiles.

One thing we really love about Weft & Warp is Charlotte’s attention to detail, especially the packaging of the scarves. Having a graphic design background has definitely influenced all aspects of Weft & Warp. Each Weft & Warp scarf comes in a thoughtful package inspired by the process of folding a flag. Every detail, from the packaging to the shipping tape has been executed in a thoughtful way. Opening a Weft & Warp package is a discovery. You know that there is a scarf inside, but how it is revealed to you is the detail. It’s as if Charlotte wanted the packaging to be as special and memorable as the scarf inside.

Jack and Maria have known Charlotte for years. She has done beautiful graphic design work for Epicenter and the Green River Community Center, and she even visited Green River back in 2009 for a couple of weeks. We’re so proud of you, Charlotte!

Inspired by Charlotte’s story? Do us a favor and vote for her here. Weft & Warp is in the running to recieve a $25,000 small business grant. You can vote for her business daily until November 24th.