Cut Down Your Energy Bill This Winter

Winter in Emery County, Utah Photo by Maria Sykes

When Winter rolls around and you’re living in a town with seasonal tourism that peaks in the summer, you suddenly become very thrifty. Luckily, there are some quick solutions to keeping warm this Winter without breaking the bank. Just a few easy upgrades to your home could equate to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in savings on your energy bill. The folks over at Inhabitat have rounded up 15 great inexpensive home improvement products that will set you on the path towards a lower energy bill and more cash in the bank. Click here to get the inside scoop on all of them. Specifically from that list, we highly recommend installing draft guards under exterior doors and weather stripping around windows, and spraying Great Stuff in cracks less than 1″ wide. If you’re really on a budget, you can make your own draft stoppers, caulk to your hearts content, and buy some warm sweaters, socks, and thermals at the Green River Thrift Store.

If you know of anyone in Green River who could use some help keeping their home warm this Winter, please contact us to see how we can help. There are many options including H.E.A.T., Weatherization, Single Family Rehab, and Critical Home Repair. Contact us today 435.564.3330 or