Cabin-Time: Green River Field Guide

Last August, Epicenter had the pleasure of collaborating with the folks at Cabin-Time to bring fifteen artists to Green River to set up camp north of town in Desolation Canyon. Surrounded by sky and canyon on the banks of the Green, the residents had plenty to explore and inspire them. In addition to creating a stunning short film documenting the experience, Cabin-Time has curated a Field Guide comprised of work from all the participants including Epicenter. The guide was made in collaboration with Issue Press, an independent publishing house and print shop based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. To say that you should purchase a copy of this beautifully made Field Guide is an understatement, get Cabin-Time in your life today. Hey, maybe you could read it on the beach.

Field Guide Specifications
Process: 2-color (purple and orange) risograph interiors on 9 different 70#t French Paper Co. Pop-Tone papers, 1-color cover on 100#c French Paper Co. Pop-Tone Orange Fizz paper; Wire-o binding
Pages: 72
Dimensions: 5″ x 7″
Edition Size: 150

Cabin-Time 5 included a few past and future Epicenter collaborators: Charlotte X.C. Sullivan (Epicenter’s Frontier Fellowship Coordinator), Cyrus W. Smith (January 2014 Frontier Fellow), and Mary Rothlisberger (April 2014 Frontier Fellow). We look forward to further strengthening the connections between Cabin-Time and Epicenter. Future fun and forever beach days.

Charlotte X.C. Sullivan
Ford the River, Part Two: Wrapping a stone in silk string (again), an immobile compass built. Part Two in a series of pre-digital navigational tools. An homage to mystery, a grounding place to carry all my weight. It’ll get cut down later and spun into gold.

Cyrus W. Smith
During my time at Cabin-Time, I focused on music and songwriting. Bringing with me a travel size guitar, a baritone ukulele, and a battery powered keyboard, I produced nine new songs. The melodies and lyrics were generated on walks, around fires, and while perched on boulders high above the canyon floor on the group’s many explorations of the surrounding environment. The songs then serve as a record of my experience in the desert, as well as a portrait of our temporary home and community. On our last night at camp, I debuted the suite of songs at a “house show” we put on at the abandoned cabin next to our campsite.

Mary Rothlisberger
As a part of the Cabin-Time Crew, my on-site role is similar to a camp counselor– working socially with the group dynamics, domestic systems, safety, adventure, and overall fun. For the first few days, I worked with residents and crew to build creative living systems for our temporary community spaces. I sewed a large patchwork that we rigged from the trees to serve as our community studio and gathering space during our time in the canyon. I explored my physical relationship to landscape by letting place and action transform the things I brought with me. I spent the week crocheting a vanishing point and through ritual and intention, I turned it into a Forgetting Place.

Cabin-Time 5: Green River Residents: Carson Davis Brown, Sarah Darnell, Stephanie Dowda, Ryan Greaves, Geoff Holstad, Ben Hunter, Emily Julka, Bridget Frances Quinn, Steven Rainey, Mary Rothlisberger, Cyrus W. Smith, Charlotte X. C. Sullivan, Adam Weiler, Meg Whiteford, and Sarah Williams.