Summer Architectural Internships Available at Epicenter

2013 Summer Interns after a completed Fix It First project with volunteers.

We’re excited to announce the Epicenter’s Summer Internships: May through August 2014!!

The Epicenter, a non-profit organization embedded in Green River, Utah, is proud to offer 1-2 summer internship(s) for architectural or community planning students/recent graduates that will engage with and expand Epicenter’s community development initiatives.

Founded in 2009 by architectural graduates, Epicenter is a focused point of activity, a hub in part of a larger network, causing expansive upheaval in only the best of ways. As an as-it-actually-works model of public interest design, Epicenter exemplifies the power that citizen designers behold, while simultaneously pointing out the shortcomings of the traditional corporate architectural arena.

Various Fix It First projects from the summer of 2013.

In this position, you will not be a CAD monkey; you will earn much less than you are worth; you will live and breathe your work, ending each day exhausted but invigorated. However, the benefits of working at Epicenter emerge quickly. Inherent in each project is an ethic of social responsibility, of a belief in Green River, and the power of just doing it. Today, Epicenter capitalizes on its ingrained idealism, enthusiasm, and subversion to nurture community-led projects and programs that underscore Green River’s rural pride and pioneering spirit. The Epicenter is unique to this place and to this way of operating. If you are investigating or pursuing an alternative model of practice, the Epicenter stands as a distinctive example. Work and process will reveal and deconstruct abstractions of rural America, the role of architects and designers, of poverty.

As a five-person office, you should expect to receive personal attention daily. You will play an integral function within the Epicenter during your time here. Having a vocal and respected role in routine conversations regarding strategies, funding, and staffing is inherent to any Epicenter crew member, regardless of their title. If you want to see what it takes to instigate and create affordable housing and participate vigorously in community development, the Epicenter is able to provide that intensive perspective. Thank you for your interest.

Interested? Email Jack for a detailed an outline of what we may begin to expect of this position. More information on Epicenter and Green River: Epicenter’s website & Facebook, City of Green River, and Destination Green River.